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  Hendrik Sünkler c8d7a5d094 Verweis auf posttls.com entfernt 5 years ago
  Hendrik Sünkler b5ea26b152 Merge pull request #1 from gerrit1986/development 7 years ago
  Gerrit 9c688fa1c5 use good english 7 years ago
  Gerrit Holz b5c4e431f9 abstract username, harmonize quotes, extend gitignore 7 years ago
  Gerrit f9419c5e32 fix distribution name 7 years ago
  Gerrit d8e4e2e83b fix readme 7 years ago
  Gerrit 03db2b9b2e use markdown instead of rest 7 years ago
  Gerrit 5629fda855 fix quoting 7 years ago
  Gerrit 2c1fc06e83 add MANIFEST.in 7 years ago
  Gerrit 9fa978c667 add setup.py 7 years ago
  Gerrit 185ec3fda2 add further environment variable 7 years ago
  Hendrik Sünkler b95a9e9d18 fixed timezone issue 8 years ago
  Hendrik Sünkler 2dea903ff3 prettified notification mail 8 years ago
  Hendrik Sünkler 785d0b898b feature: do not allow to send unencrypted for specified (mandatory tls) domains 8 years ago
  Hendrik Sünkler dbade47d9f added logging of mails sent unencrypted (in database) 8 years ago
  Hendrik Sünkler db04ad24bc README: use flock in cron job to prevent overlapping jobs 8 years ago
  Hendrik Sünkler 42054e1844 import 8 years ago